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LIL MIIMIE® | Kids Bedding, Caddy Baby Bags, Clothing & More
LIL MIIMIE® | Kids Bedding, Caddy Baby Bags, Clothing & More Δώρο
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🌴 WIN A NEW CADDY BABY BAG 🌴 To celebrate the restock of our extremely popular Ultimate Caddy Baby Bags, we’re giving you the chance to WIN one of them! ENTER NOW: • Tag your mumma friends 1 tag = 1 entry, so tag away! • Make sure you’re following us @lilmiimie Giveaway ends 9am AEDT 15/03/2024 GOODLUCK ✨ T&Cs Apply: All entries will be combined and a total of one (1) individual winner will be drawn by barrel draw. Winner will announced at 9am AEDT on 15/03/24. This giveaway is open for Australian residents only and entrants must be over the age of 18+. This competition is no way endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Instagram. IMPORTANT: If you are selected as the winner, you will be announced on this very post, as well as on our offical stories on the offical @LilMiimie page. We will never message you or ask you to message us if you are selected as the winner. Please keep this in mind, as this is the offical giveaway and how we announce our offical winner, please be very aware of impersonation and scam accounts for giveaways.

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