How To Run Instagram Giveaway?

simpliBLOG 27 June 2019

Many Marketing Experts Recommend Make Regular Giveaway Contests on Instagram to Achieve Your Goals and Increase Your Customer Potential.

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"If we did everything we could, we'd be surprised by ourselves." - Thomas Edison

If You Have a Store On Instagram;

  • To Increase Your Brand Awareness
  • To Attract Your Potential Customers
  • To increase your account interactions

You must make regular giveaway contests.

    Now the giveaways has become an indispensable part of hosting stores on instagram. And research shows that making regular giveaways can increase the number of followers 75% faster than other methods.

    Marketing Goals

    You are probably aware that organizing regular sweepstakes in your Instagram account will benefit your number of followers and your brand, but are you aware of this benefits?

    According to Marketing Strategies recently shared by Instagram, criteria such as awareness and interest are at the top of the Sales Funnel. Instead of hundreds of thousands of followers formed by an audience who are not interested in the products you offer for sale in your store and are not aware of these products, it will be much easier to reach your sales targets with fewer followers who like your products and even have passion for your products.

     In the middle and bottom of this Sales Funnel, your products are geared towards turning your goals. That is, there is how much people are interested in your products or how interested people are in your area. I'll give you a negative proposition, Tangzhuang in Europe (Traditional Chinese Suit) achieving the target with a store on the very satisfactory sales should not be hardly possible.

    Therefore, you need to analyze your marketing strategies and customer audience well and progress to your goals.

    Goal Setting

    Your goal will determine the rules of your contest and your giveaway.

    Even if it is very simple, create some indicators of success. These should be indicators of what you want to achieve and how you can measure whether your giveaway campaign is successful.

    For example, if your goal is to be able to sell more during the giveaway campaign, during the campaign and for several weeks after the campaign is over, compare conversion to previous periods by identifying conversion transactions in your sales or channel of sales or the number of people requesting price information.

    During the instagram giveaway, set realistic targets for the interaction of your lottery shipment. Check out the stores that can run successful campaigns and choose gifts to your interaction goal.

    Don't complicate your giveaway rules and conversion goals by setting multiple goals in a single instagram giveaway campaign. Campaigns that usually focus on a single goal will attract more attention from users, and it will be easier for you to identify your conversion and achieve success. You concentrate on your goal without distracting your energy and attention.

    Choosing Instagram Giveaway Tool

     And one of the important topic is the instagram giveaway tool you will use. Research shows that instagram users pay attention to the transparency of sweepstakes.

     Many instagram sweepstakes or giveaway tools, either paid or unpaid, choos randomly only a winner from the last few hundred reviews. And many instagram users are aware of this, including the majority of your followers. Using such instagram giveaway tools can shake your followers' t in trust your business and your giveaway competition. This can have unintended consequences for your business, such as unfollow you or negatively reflecting on their friends.

    Make sure that the instagram giveaway or sweepstake tool you're using really gets all the comments. Don't let comments go to waste, and your business will not be harmed.

    Know that, the process of receiving data from instagram or other remote servers is time-consuming, and especially instagram giveaway apps, which read thousands of comments in seconds and claim to have chosen a winner among them. It reads only few hundred comments and throws away the effort of all other commenting users.

    The Giveaway Apps Of simpliers offer you a completely transparent and reliable instagram giveaway contest and instagram draw. It lists all the comments participating in your giveaway competition for you on the results page and gives you the opportunity to share this page with your followers.

    You can easily access the Free Instagram Giveaway Tool of simpliers from the link below and try for free.

In our next article, we'll explore 3 different goals, each of which you can focus on with key criteria and the most important tips.


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