New Way Of Get Feedbacks on simpliers!

simpliBLOG 30 September 2019

You May Not always Get Feedback Easily From Your Followers. Meet the New Way to Grow Your Account and Explore Your Followers' Expectations!.

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"If we did everything we could, we'd be surprised by ourselves." - Thomas Edison

Feedbacks Lead to the Right Destination

    You are doing everything you can to please your followers. And you're very good at it. And your followers think so?

    There is now an effective and very easy way to find out.

    While explaining the results of your Instagram raffle, you can have your followers answer a question you ask. This way, you can discover more about your business and focus on your account. Remember, the best advertisements are happy customers.

Give Your Giveaways Another Dimension

    We have already mentioned the benefits you can add to your business with Instagram sweepstakes. Instagram Sweepstakes make a great contribution to strengthening your communication with your followers. With you can now add a concrete dimension to your communication with your followers.

    For example, you might want to get feedback from your followers about a new product you are introducing, or you can get feedback from your followers with a change you made/make in your account.

    One of the most effective ways to get feedback is to create a quiz in your instagram stories. However, many instagram users complain that their participation in the quizs they publish in their stories is low.

    If you have recently organized a giveaway contest, there is a whole new way to increase participation in your quiz.

    You can learn how to view your lottery results by clicking the link below.

    Then go to 
    or to start a giveaway contest. As you always do, set your giveaway rules and finalize your contest.

Identify Your Questions and Answers
    After the winners of your giveaway have been determined, a pop-up will appear on the screen stating that your giveaway results have been saved. After you close this pop-up message, you will be notified by the following information.

    You can start your quiz by clicking the Try Now button in this area. A screen like this will welcome you.

In this area, you can determine your question. You can also change the content of the options, or even select as many options as you want by clicking the Add New Option button below.

    You can then click Save your quiz.


    You can now refresh the page to see your published quiz and give the first answer.

    Rather than sharing the results of the giveaway, you can publish the link of your page by adding a Link to your Story or by adding a Link to your Bio.

    Your followers who want to review your lottery results will see a screen like the one below and answer your question before seeing the lottery results.

You should review My Account page for quiz results


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