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Azucar Morena Bakery
Azucar Morena Bakery Giveaway
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❗️ATTN EL PASO: GIVEAWAY TIME❗️ If you’ve followed us for a while you’ll remember we used to do giveaways every month a while back… we missed it so much we decided to do an Easter one!!😍🥰 This adorable colorful cake is made with vanilla cake and strawberry preserves filling😋 (One of our customer favorites)🍓🍰 Follow the steps below to enter⬇️ 1. Like this post❤️ 2. Follow this page🍰 3. Tag 2 people you want to share this with on Easter🐣 Extra entry for those who mention @azucarmorenaeptx on your story! Winner will be announced on Saturday 4/8 at 2pm. Good luck!😊

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GIVEAWAY!!! Duniakuis bagi bagi hadiah berupa SALDO GOPAY TOTAL JUTAAN RUPIAH dari Sinetron Tajwid Cinta. Caranya mudah : 1. Follow @duniakuis 2. Repost banner Giveaway ini di story kamu lalu tag @duniakuis & berikan hastag #KadoTajwidCinta #GiveAwayDuniakuis 3. Komen di feed ini kasih ucapan valentine ke orang terkasih lalu mention orang tersebut & ajak 3 teman kamu untuk ikutan dan jangan lupa berikan hashtag #KadoTajwidCinta #GiveAwayDuniakuis 4. Periode challenge dilaksanakan pada tanggal 12-13 Februari 2023. 5. 5 orang yang beruntung mendapatkan hadiah Saldo Gopay 200k dan akan kami umumkan pada 14 Februari 2023 6. Jika terpilih menjadi pemenang peserta wajib melengkapi administrasi yang diminta duniakuis 7. Duniakuis berhak mendiskualifikasi pemenang yang tidak mengikuti syarat & ketentuan atau ditemukan kecurangan dikemudian hari Mau hadiah lebih besar? Geser fotonya dan ikuti programnya yah.. #KadoTajwidCinta #TajwidCinta #sinetronsctv #sctv #sinemart #duniakuis #hip500 #hadiahkuis #giveaway #cutsyifa #harrisvriza #afifahifahnda
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GIVEAWAY BERKAH MENUJU KEMERDEKAAN !! 🤩🎊🎉 Mau bagi2 UANG TUNAI senilai Rp. 3.000.000 buat kamu 15 orang yang beruntung 🤩🤩 SYARAT PEMENANG (IKUTI SESUAI RULES) : ‼️Follow semua aku penyelenggara : @kriztiaa @nynaura @itsnitaaa94 @yunianov15 @putricaa_ @ladyrazan ‼️Follow semua akun sponsor : @winsbaby.official @inibululu @calmy_id @ovrbody @elangkecil.official ‼️Like, coment, save dan repost di story postingan akun penyelenggara dan sponsor ‼️Coment “DONE“ dan tag 5 teman kalian buat ikutan juga ✔️ PERIODE GA 01-10 Agustus 2023 ✔️ PENGUMUMAN tanggal 13 Agustus 2023 ✔️ Semua yang sudah mengikuti RULES diatas akan dipilih sesuai hasil SPIN ✔️ KEPUTUSAN pemenang tidak boleh diganggu gugat ✔️ Akun tidak boleh PRIVASI ✔️ Akun bukan khusus GIVE AWAY HADIAH GIVEAWAY : 🎊 Pemenang ke 1 Rp. 800.000 🎊 Pemenang ke 2 Rp. 600.000 🎊 Pemenang ke 3 Rp. 400.000 🎊 Pemenang ke 4 Rp. 300.000 🎊 Pemenang ke 5 Rp. 150.000 🎊 Pemenang ke 6 s/d 10 total 500.000 🎊 Pemenang ke 11 s/d 15 total 250.000 Good luck!!! Semoga kamu bisa jadi salah satu pemenangnya ya 🤩🎊🎉 #givewayagustus #giveawayindo #giveawayuangtunai #giveaway #giveawaytime #giveaway2023
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MARCH GIVEAWAY!🌿 in honor of ending my birth month and women’s history month, i will be doing my first giveaway! so excited to see what this coming season has in store🤍 & thank you again for your support! 3 winners will receive prizes in aquamarine (march’s birthstone💧) 1. 14k gold filled triple aquamarine necklace & one ring of their choice 🌸 2. gold plated aquamarine hoops & one ring of their choice 🌼 3. gold plated butterfly drop aquamarine earrings & one ring of their choice🦋 (you will receive a ring according to your ring size, wire color, & bead you prefer) — giveaway will be from 3/26-3/31 ends at midnight on the 31st & winners will be contacted and announced shortly after that weekend🌟 — follow the rules in the post and good luck! (US shipping costs will be covered by me🫶🏽) . . . #giveaway #smallbusiness #kauaihawaii #jewelry #aquamarine #march #arizona #gcu #phoenix #hawaii #14kgold
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✨ GIVEAWAY TIME! ✨ Biar makin semangat mimin mau bagi-bagi kemeja Batik buat kalian! Cara ikutan Giveaway: 1. Follow akun ig @kiranamukti.batik & @kiranamukti.catalog . 2. Coment dibawah pertanyaan ini dan tag teman kalian. 3. Like dan coment postingan ig @kiranamukti.batik yang lain sebanyak-banyaknya. 4. Giveaway periode 8-14 Januari 2023. 5. Pengumuman pemenang akan kami umumkan secara random Minggu, 14 Januari 2023. Good Luck! ✨ Mudah banget kan syaratnya… tinggal like, coment, dan follow aja! Udah bisa join giveaway dan akan kami kirim gratis produk kemeja batik + free ongkir, jadi jangan sampai terlewatkan ya! 😍🔥 #hadiah #ga #give #giveaway #giveawaybatik #giveawaybaju #giveawaytime #bagibagibatik #batikgratis #giveawaybatikkiranamukti
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Its time for another GIVEAWAY ✨ How to enter: 1) Like this post 2) Tag one friend who you would love to share these macarons with. 3) Share to your story 💗 ONLY one comment per person please. (Do not spam the comment section) lol 😆 Winner must be able to pick up either tomorrow or Sunday in South Clermont, 34714 area. Winner will be picked tomorrow 04/29/23 at 8am 🎉 GOOD LUCK! Contains NUTS 🥜, we are NOT a nut free kitchen. #macaronsale #macarons #macarongiveaway #giveaway #orlandogiveaway #clermontmacarons #macs #macqueen
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DICARI 5 ORANG YANG MAU MENIKMATI 3 VARIAN GUDEG BAGONG!!! 😍 Syarat : 1. Follow akun @gudegbagong dan @osengmerconbagong 2. Like dan komen 5 postingan terakhir @gudegbagong 3. Tuliskan domisili tempat tinggal di kolom komentar 4. Mention 3 teman kamu Contoh : Jakarta @temanmu @temanmu @temanmu Ketentuan : 1. Keputusan panitia bersifat mutlak 2. Akan diambil 5 orang pemenang 3. Pemenang akan diumumkan di Instastory @gudegbagong 4. @gudegbagong akan meminta data pemenang untuk pengiriman hadiah Periode Giveaway : 11-13 maret 2023~ Dapatkan Gudeg varian Telur Suwir 1 kaleng , Gudeg Telur Tahu 1 kaleng, dan Sambel Goreng Krecek 1 kaleng GRATIS !!!! Yuk ikuti Giveaway nya~ #gudegkaleng #gudegbagong #gudegjogja #gudegkalengbagong #gudegkalengjogja #gudegkalengmurah #giveawayjogja #giveawayyogyakarta #giveaway #giveawayjakarta #giveaway2023 #giveawayindonesia #osengmercon #osengmerconjogja #osengmerconbagong
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khjpromise’s 2k giveaway ♡ firstly i wanna say just how starting this account back in dec 2020 was probably the best thing i did bc i’ve met the most amazing people on here. i’ve made best friends who im soooo grateful for i cant even begin to explain😭 this community can be so tiring sometimes but honestly i’ve had many more positive experiences than negative!! for anyone who’s ever bought from me, traded with me, joined any of my group order, THANK YOU🥹🫶 you’re all so amazing and im so thankful for the friendships i’ve made over the last 2 years. ily all and good luck 🤍 prizes ↴ 1) ot8 blanket pcs + poca album set 2) sealed summer photobook 3) poca album set !! winner #1 will choose any prize they’d like, then winner #2 can choose from the remaining 2, then winner #3 will get the last prize !! rules/entry info ↴ - must follow me! - this giveaway is open WW but if you’re based outside of canada, you will have to cover shipping fees from me to you! - must be a trade/sell account (no priv accounts unless i know you!) - comment your favourite ateez song and why (i cant wait to read everyone’s answers🥹) - share on your story! (no need to tag me) - tag 2 friends !! extra entries ↴ - if you’ve bought from me or traded with me, include 🦋 in your comment (+1 entry) - if you’ve joined any of my group orders, include a 🤍 in your comment (+1 entry) - if you can guess my ALL TIME favourite ateez song ( +3 entries) giveaway ends on march 31st 2023 @ 10pm est !! good luck to everyone <3 #giveaway #ateez #ateezgiveaway #ateezsale #ateezsales #ateezwts #wtsateez #ateezsell #ateezsells #ateezselling #ateeztrade #ateeztrades #ateezwtt #wttateez #ateeztrading #kpopgiveaway
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⚠️8WLT GIVEAWAY⚠️ We are giving away 1x entry into the OHPT 8 Week Lifestyle Transformation starting on October 16th 🔥😍 You will WIN 8 week of: 💪Unlimited group training OR Online training 🍉Nutrition with @georgia.wendt.nutrition 🏋🏼‍♀️Strength & fitness testing 👩‍🏫Educational seminars 🫶Personal accountability coaching + MORE! Both CURRENT & NEW members can enter the giveaway 👏 ⚠️HOW TO ENTER⚠️ 1- Follow @oliviahodgson_pt on Instagram 2- Like this post 3- Share this post of your story & tag @oliviahodgson_pt 4- Tag someone in this post (each tag is an entry) The winner will be announced SUNDAY 10TH SEPT @ 7PM 🥳🥳🥳 ✨ ENTER NOW ✨ #oliviahodgsonpt #giveaway #transformation #challenge #gym #enternow #newcastle
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✨Giveaway Alert✨ 💰Total value up to $700!! 6 Lucky Winners * HOW TO ENTER⁠: ❤️ Like this post⁠ ✅ Follow @joyshapershop & @shaperinofficial l 👩🏽 Share & tag friends⁠ & comment #joyshaper or #shaperin in the below 👉Extra entries to enter the giveaway: *The more entries you complete, the more chance you could to win. CAMPAIGN PERIOD⁠ 05/25 (THU)~06/01(THU)⁠ WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT⁠ Check our page at the end of the giveaway period for results. *Joyshaper & Shaperin reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity. #joyshaper #shaperin #giveaway #partytime #deals #promo #sweepstakes #amzongiftcard #giftcard #winner #bodyacceptance #InAllShapes #bodypositivity
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Giveaway • We have teamed up with Country Road Home and Lilypad for a giveaway that celebrates the finer things in life. This prize includes a $5,000 Country Road in-store shopping experience, and one night’s accommodation at Lilypad Palm Beach. To be in the running for this giveaway, simply follow the below steps: 1. Follow @countryroadhome, @lilypadpalmbeach & @thelocalproject on Instagram 2. Tag two friends in the comments section of this post 3. Enter the giveaway via the link in our bio The winner will be announced at 7:00pm on Monday, 25th of September. Enter as many times as you like— Good luck everyone!
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Finally something to put a Spring in your step! ☀️ You plus three can eat free by entering our first ever giveaway 👇 🗓️ Any Saturday or Sunday 🍹 Cocktail on arrival 🍽️ Feed Me banquet for all guests 🍷 Bottle of Vic wine for you and 3 friends! How to enter: 1️⃣ Follow @yarrabotanica 2️⃣ Tag your friends below, 1 tag = 1 entry (Unlimited entries!) 3️⃣ Share this post on your story for 3 bonus entries. Entries close Wednesday 27th Sept 5pm. May the best tag win! #YarraBotanica #Melbourne #Giveaway
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Extremely thankful for each & every one of one!🤍 ✨As a huge thank you, I will be giving away a $25 gift card for ✨ To enter the giveaway all you have to do: 1. Follow @bei.decor 2. Like this post 3. Tag a friend (Multiple entries allowed) ✨Good luck!✨ Winner of the $25 gift card will be announced in 24 hours. 11.24.22 @ 7pm . . . #giveaway #giftcard #thanksgiving #thankfulforyou #smallbusiness #homedecor
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