Reach Your Marketing Goals With Instagram Giveaway Contests

In this article, we examined 3 ways to create an effective Instagram giveaway contests, we also touched on your business relationship with your followers..

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"A job can only have one valid purpose: to win customers." - Peter F. Ducker

    In our previous article, we explained the priorities that need to be determined for an effective instagram giveaway contests. In this article, we will talk about examples of how to achieve your goals by making really effective giveaway campaigns.

    1. Create Product Awareness; Promote Your Specific Products With Giveaways

    If you have a really nice and trustworthy product you want to promote, the most effective way to announce this product is to arrange an instagram giveaway contest.

    You've seen many instagram boutiques give gifts that they don't actually sell by giveaway contest. If you know your audience well and can analyze what might interest them, there is nothing wrong with that. The gifts given are the lifeblood of your lottery and should excite your followers.

    But if your goal is to promote your brand and expand your audience, you should make sure that you have a product that your audience and followers will really love. And you should choose this product for the gift of your instagram giveaway contests.

    Interact with your followers, get to know them, ask what they like, what they want, and focus on them.

    If we take a fashion designer boutique;

    This boutique regularly organizes instagram giveaways and presents some products from its own small collection that will be available for the first time. However, when the time comes to draw, they complain that their sales volumes have not increased.

    Like the biggest mistake of most instagram boutiques, the biggest mistake of this boutique is that the gifts they choose for instagram giveaway contests appeal to a very large audience and set the contest time as a very long time interval.

    Generally, short-term giveaway contests are more effective.

    In the long giveaway contests process, more people can join your lottery, but participants may become more interested in the gift you give, as opposed to your brand, and your brand may fall to the background. They're probably gonna follow you when your raffle ends.

    It will take you to your next target rather than an audience that will really interact with your store, take care of your products, do not take any action and are not interested in your brand.

    2. Build a Truly Audience and Organize Giveaway Contests to Reward Your Followers

    It is not easy to create such an audience, but instead of 10,000 people who are not interested in your brand and products, you will benefit from 1,000 people who are really interested in your brand.

    Successful instagram giveaways allow you to create a true audience. Making interaction with your followers and getting back to them makes you feel part of your community is one of the most effective ways to get real followers.

    With your Instagram Giveaways, you can compete for your followers by making your store a more fun and engaging place.

    The fashion designer instagram boutique mentioned above organized a photo contest among his followers who designed their own clothes. They then exhibited the winners' designs in their own boutiques. This competition allowed them to grow really quickly and build a strong bond with their followers.

    3. Promote Your Instagram Account as a Sales Channel, Create Instagram Giveaway Contests to Promote Your Products

    Instagram is one of the most effective channels you can make online sales because;

  • It Is A Visual Oriented Place. Ideal for displaying your products.
  • Users are active and 80% of Instagram Users follow at least one brand.
  • Users do shopping. Instagram is ranked 2nd among all social media tools according to statistics on sales transactions.
  • It constantly responds to the needs of up-to-date and sales-oriented business accounts every day.

    Nevertheless, make sure that your followers are satisfied and enjoy following you without giving all your focus and attention to selling. And, of course, that you produce your products for them.


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