Why You Should Use Instagram For Your Business

simpliers BLOG 12 diciembre 2020

Corporates that prefer Instagram with more than 300 million active users reach more customers..

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"A job can only have one valid purpose: to win customers." - Peter F. Ducker

What are the Advantages of Instagram for Brands?

Instagram; It is a very advantageous platform for brands to make their own promotions, gain potential customers and sell products and services. Brands that prefer Instagram with more than 300 million active users reach more customers. The advantages of Instagram for brands are as follows;

● Instagram, which brings the brand to the fore, increases the awareness and increases the interaction. The brand reaches out to organic consumers and makes its own voice heard. Instagram, which enables the brand to be promoted more, expands its target audience with the right content shares.

● The brand increases the traffic of the website thanks to Instagram. Ads made on the platform redirect to the brand's page and the potential to attract traffic increases.

● The fact that brands take place on Instagram, make active shares and communicate with consumers enables them to increase their recycling rates.

● Before and after sales, brand authorities increase service quality by answering customers' questions. Helping consumers and solving their problems also helps increase reputation by connecting customers to the brand.

● Building community with consumers through Instagram demonstrates the value placed on them. With the shares, the brand becomes the center of attention of potential customers.

● Empowerment occurs quickly and easily with Instagram ads. Increasing the number of customers, the brand contributes positively to itself.

● When the posts are made regularly in accordance with the time and target audience on Instagram, positive feedback is made about the brand and a popular position is achieved.


For Which Sectors Is Instagram More Important?

When Instagram is examined by sector, it is seen that the most effective sector is the media. The fact that publishers make regular updates every day makes the industry a leader. The fashion industry also has an important place in Instagram. Fashion is a sector that attracts a lot of attention on Instagram with the accounts of various brands. There are brands that have high rankings in the industry in terms of engagement and number of followers. Considering that the majority of Instagram accounts belong to women, important sectors for Instagram also vary by follower.


Health and beauty sectors take the first place in interaction. Shares of brands and make-up experts support the rise of the health and cosmetics industry on Instagram. The interconnectedness of tourism, event-organization and food-beverage industry reveals its importance for Instagram. The posts made by accounts such as travelers and tourism agencies help them to stand out on Instagram by positively affecting the event-organization sectors as well as food and beverage. One of the sectors that receive the most interaction in the social media is the automobile.


The fact that 3 out of 10 accounts on the platform belong to Mercedes Benz, pushes it to follow a different content strategy instead of being a brand. It increases its importance with the brands in the automobile industry that create a strong bond with its followers. Other industries include fine arts, crafts, commerce, photography, sporting goods, and electronics.

Examples of Companies Using Instagram Effectively

The correct and effective use of Instagram takes place with different strategies. The number of brands rising on the platform according to their follower and hashtag ratios is quite high. With strategies that increase interaction, the awareness of brands, the number of customers and their recycling increase. Preserving the top with more than 20 million hashtags, Nike proves that it appeals to its target audience with its number of followers. Starbucks, which follows, contributes to both its followers and itself with product visuals.


Nike and Starbucks, which make their photo shares selectively, achieve their goal quickly. The fact that the NBA, Adidas Originals and Top Shop brands are in the top 5 in the ranking gives information about the user of Instagram. With its high number of followers, National Geographic is the fastest growing brand. Zara multiplies its popularity with its rapidly increasing number of hashtags from yesterday to today. As a marketing tool, Instagram has a positive effect on the sales and promotion of brands by applying the right strategies.


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