How To Pick Winner From Instagram Comments?

simpliBLOG 15 Juli 2019

In This Article, We Explain, How To Use Instagram Giveaway Picker, Instagram Giveaway Apps and Instagram Giveaway Tools.

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"If a business has just started with the idea of making money, it probably won't." - Joyce Claude Hall

    Many instagram accounts organize sweepstakes or instagram giveaways to promote and reach larger audiences.

    Research has shown that in order to reach wider audiences, it is at least 75% more effective than other methods to distribute gifts, instagram giveaways and sweepstakes.


    Well, you've shared your giveaway post, and thousands of comments have been commented below it, and you've also brought serious interaction to your account. The time has come, as you have promised, to choose one of the users who make comments and comply with the rules in the most fair way.

    Explore Your Instagram Giveaway Tool

    You can reach a lot of Instagram Giveaway Apps by doing a simplie googling. Some are paid, some are free, some are domestic, some are foreign. We can know which ones are truly fair and reliable, which in cursory methods only picks a winner from the last few comments.

    First of all, the instagram giveaway picker app you will use should show you a list of all the received comments. The fact that the total number of comments appears only as a number on page from instagram giveaway tool does not mean that the program has actually received all the comments.

    And, within a few seconds, it is not possible to check whether tens of thousands of comments have been brought in or not. Even if you try to view a few thousand comments in the instagram app, it will probably cost you a few minutes.

For enthusiasts, instagram services return up to 50 comments in a query. And 1 query takes about 500mS. It takes an average of 250mS to read these comments and filter them into memory. So 50 comments at best will take about 0.75 seconds.

This means that the average time required for 1,000 comments is between 15-20 seconds. When initial connections and fixed delays are included, close to half a minute is needed for even 1,000 comments.

    Many Instagram Giveaway Tools Are Not Fair

    We must share this fact with you, many domestic and foreign instagram giveaway picker programs do not really reach all the comments on your post. By randomly choosing only one winner from the last few hundred comments, it concludes the instagarm sweepstakes. This may cause your followers to lose confidence and stain your brand.

    Some instagram giveaway tools act more mercifully and note this on one side of the page. But without even doing so, many of your followers are throwing their labor away.

    Do not value these giveaway tools! Does not Fool You and Yourself

    simpliers creates a reliable infrastructure for instagram sweepstakes and instagram giveaways. It really gets all the comments made to your post and lists these comments for you and your followers on your specially created giveaway page.

You can also share the link to the page where you resulted your instagram giveaway contest, with your followers. So that they can see your results and view the list of participants. So you can show your followers how safe your instagram giveaway result is.

    simpli Giveaway Picker Tools Really Easy to Use
simpliers is the simplest instagram giveaway application in use, designed entirely focused on the user experience.

Now let's briefly talk about how to use the simpli Instagram Giveaway Tools and How To Pick A Winner For Instagram Giveaway

  1. First of all, let's go to the Free Instagram Giveaweay Picker App by clicking the link to simpliFree Free Instagram Giveaway App.


    2. Such a screen will welcome us. We'll paste the link to our instagram post in the middle Post URL field.
    We have shown below how to copy the link of Instagram post.

    3. After this stage, you just determine your rules for the instagram giveaway competition.

  • You can give a name to your giveaway contest.
  • You can determine number of winner for giveaway competition.
  • You can determine number of substition winner for giveaway competition.
  • You can specify at least how many tags per comment.
  • If you wish, you can enable users who have more than one comment to participate only 1 time.

    After you have set your rules, you need to wait a few seconds to create a Custom Giveaway Page and analyze your comments by clicking the "Get Comments" Button.

    4. Then such a page will meet you as follows.

This page is unique for you and you can share it with your followers after your giveaway competition is resulted.

Click the "See Valid Comments" Button to see a list of comments that follow the rules.

By clicking on the "Start Contest" Button, you can watch your giveaway competition complete with animations.

P.S. Don't forget to start screen recording at this stage.

Curiosity: Thanks to simpliers's intelligent algorithms, even if he/she made more than one comment, the same user does not appear twice among the winners.

    Congratulations! You have successfully completed your giveaway. By sharing this page with your followers, you can now show that your giveaway result is safe and fair.


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