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Don't Have A Low Opinion Of Instagram Giveaway Pickers

- There are many instagram comment picker sites for giveaways on the web, either paid or free
- Many of these instagram giveaway pickers randomly selects only a winner from the last comments
simpliers shows a list of all the comments it reaches on the results page which has been specially prepared for your instagram giveaway. By sharing this page with your followers, you can show them the reliability of your giveaway contest results.
- Some giveaway pickers manipulate the results of the giveaway contests to win the people of their own designation
simpliers provides the winner of the giveaway results to be selected on 3rd party browsers independent of the server. It is not possible for anyone to know or interfere with the winner until your contest is completed on your screen.
- Your followers are aware of this and may suspect your instagram giveaway results when you determine the outcome with an unreliable instagram giveaway program.
Don't risk your instagram giveaway contests with simpliers, which is the choice of many well-known corporates. Watch your followers' rights.

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