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simpliers provides confidence to giveaway contests from hundreds of accounts every day, including many corporate companies.
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Frequently Asked

With simpliers, The Easiest and Most Reliable Instagram Giveaway Picker, you can determine the minimum number of tags that should be included in each comment. Thus, you have a completely legal and fair contest.

simpliers really picks a winner out of all the comments posted on your post, not just from the last 150 comments like most of the Instagram Giveaway Comment Pickers, and makes a real contest.
Also simpliers lists a list of all comments it reaches on the contest page created for you.

Definitely yes. simpliers has ensured the credibility and fairness of nearly half a million Giveaway Contests to date. All contests held, comments that comply with the rules among thousands of comments are selected by the Instagram Giveaway Picker with precise algorithms, and among the comments participating in the contest are randomly selected as you choose.
Later, all participant comments that comply with the rules are shown on the screen in order to be a completely transparent YouTube Or Instagram Giveaway Contest, and the winners are selected live under your control. Until this point, it is not clear who will win the contest.
Don't Have A Low Opinion Of Instagram Comment Pickers
Instagram Giveaway Pickers Requires Expertise

Many of Instagram giveaway pickers and comment pickers selects winner from only the last comments.

Make the Giveaway Results Transparent

simpliers lists all the comments that received on the results page specially prepared for your Giveaway Contest. By sharing this page with your followers, you can show them the reliability and transparency of your contest results.

Choose a Safe And Honest Comment Picker

simpliers ensures that the results of the giveaway contest are selected on your screen, regardless of the server, with constantly updated algorithms. It is not possible for anyone to know or interfere with the winner until your winners is shown on your screen.

Pick a Winner Fairly

Many instagram giveaway pickers especially free pickers manipulate the results of the contest and choose their own users as winner.

Don't Risk Your Account

Your followers knows these Instagram Giveaway Pickers and may doubt your contest results when you pick winners with an unreliable program. And trust in your account may decrease

Save The Rights Of Your Followers

Do not risk your contest with simpliers, the choice of many well-known corporate companies and hundreds of thousands of users around the world.


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