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The most professional and fair results with random Instagram comment picker free.

To try simpliers, you can use Instagram giveaway picker 1 times as free for each post that has max 100 entries

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🎉 simpliers app just released!

You can download the app for a better experience.
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Trusted by more than a hundred thousand world-famous Brands and Influencers for Instagram giveaway pickers.

Follow these steps to find the URL of an Instagram post on your computer:
- Open the post and click on the 3 dots icon in the top right corner of the photo.
- Click on Copy link.
On Mobile:
- Open the post and click on the share icon is like paper plane in the bottom of the photo.
- Click on Copy link.

You can do a free Instagram raffle with Simpliers.
- You should to paste the link of your giveaway post on Instagram in the URL Field and select Between Instagram Comments or Among Likes.
- You can then start your sweepstakes by choosing the number of winners and your rules.
- Simpliers really picks random winners by attracting all the comments and likes on your Instagram post.

Instagram Giveaways on Simpliers are completely safe. The winners are selected on the end user screen, regardless of the server. Due to the system design, it is not possible for anyone, including simpliers personnel, to manipulate or predict the giveaway results.

So giveaway prizes are safe.

By sharing the link of the results page of your Instagram contest with your followers entered the contest, you can have them review your results. In addition, with the certificate created specifically for the results of your giveaway, you show that your results is reliable.

You can easily draw with all your posts on Instagram, such as post, carousels, videos and reels. Simply copy the link of your post and paste it into the Instagram Comment Picker.

You can increase the engagement of your Instagram followers and boost likes and comments on your Instagram posts. By doing Instagram giveaway contests, grow your target audience.

2.66 M

The number of giveaways resulted with simpliers

6.07 M

The number of gift winners with simpliers

3.50 B

The number of entries gathered with simpliers

114 K

The number of answered messages

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The #1 Instagram Giveaway Picker

Why Simpliers?

Really All Entries and Transparent Results for Instagram Giveaways

Simpliers, really receives all engagements on your posts, not last a few engagements as other apps do.

  • Lists all entries on result page to prove that.
    So, your followers see the list and make sure that the results are safe.
  • Therefore, it may take longer to getting all interactions such as comments and likes from your post compared to other giveaway sites.
  • The list of all data, such as comments, likes, retweets, etc. received for your giveaways, is stored in our secure databases for at least 15 days so that you can show the reliability of your giveaways and listed on your results page.
Pick a winners from all comments and likes for Instagram Giveaway

Everything you need for Instagram Giveaways!

Make Unlimited Giveaways

You can make unlimited giveaways to grow up your account.

Create Blacklist

You can create a black list of users who will not be selected as winners.

Export List

You can export whole your entries list to a XLS file.

All Other Features Including

Also includes single credit features like advanced rules, set count down and more

Unlimited Repeat

You can restart your contest unlimitedly with the same post.

Set Countdown Timer

You can set duration of animation count down.

Check Advanced Rules

You can check if each winner follows the accounts you specify or if they have pictures, names or bios and more.

Combine Multiple Platforms

You can combine multiple post's belongs different socia media platforms for a giveaway.

Create Certificate

You can create sharable certificate for results.

List Results

You can list results in Resulted Giveaways . Prove that your results are fair.