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All your giveaways with up to 500 comments are free for you to discover the universality and transparency of Simpliers. No credit card information is required for these free giveaways!
You can purchase one-time rights for your giveaways with more than 500 comments, or you can make unlimited giveaways by subscribing.
All your purchase information is protected by the assurance of Iyzico and Stripe, the world's most reliable payment systems.

Unlike other giveaway sites, Simpliers captures all comments or likes on your giveaway post. Due to the system design, it is not possible for anyone, including Simpliers staff, to intervene or predict the results of the giveaway. Simpliers publishes a list of all participants after you place your draw.

Simpliers has an algorithm where the result of the giveaway is selected on the end user screen, independently of the server. Therefore, no one can manipulate or predict the outcome. Due to the system design, the result of each giveaway is selected with different dynamics on different devices, thus ensuring completely reliable and fair results.

You can giveaway for free without becoming a member of Simpliers. You can start the giveaway, make payment and share the generated certificate to announce the giveaway result.