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Instagram Giveaways Are Important

Many instagram giveaway accounts host regular sweepstakes, competition or giveaway contest with comments on their posts to expand their audience.

It was compicated and costly to make these competition as fairly and to select or generate the random winner before simpliers. Especially if there are thousands of comments under your post...

Research Sensitive to Using Comment Randomizer, Random Comment Generator And Instagram Giveaway Picker

Your followes who participate in your instagram competition for your promotion, care to whether the instagram giveaway picker or comment randomizer is fair or reliable

You should sensitive research to random winner generator to select the random winner for your instagram giveaway contests.

Because, many of instagram comment randomizer or instagram giveaway pickers or random generator also paid or free don't really reach all the comments on your instagram post. They vulgarly concludes the competition or your contest by choosing one of the last few hundred comments that it can access using some instagram services in effortless ways.

Make Sure The Comment Giveaway Tool Really Reaches All Your Comments

To avoid leaving a question mark in the minds of your followers, make sure your instagram giveaway app or comment randomizer has actually reached all comments on your post.

The fact that showing only count of comments on your post as a number on contest page or comment randomizer site does not mean that it has reached all of the comments. It should be able to show a list of comments or export in formats such as .xls / .csv it has reached comments.

simpli instagram giveaway pickers lists hundreds of thousands of comments on your post and lists the participants on the result page where you view the contest result as proof of it.

Accessing and Filtering By Rules All Comments on The Instagram Post is Time-Consuming

Getting information from Instagram or another website or another server is time consuming. The time in the software world is measured in miliseconds and seconds are long time.

However, it is necessary to have at least 750ms, ie about 1 second, to access and filter 50 comments from or any remote server.

Which means that if you try to list instagram comments from your mobile device or your computer, even through instagram's own applications or websites, it will cost you a few minutes for thousand comments. This situation take as the same time on instagram giveaway generator

Do Not Care to Deceptive Programs

It is not possible to reach tens of thousands of comments and passed through some filters and determine a truly fair winner in a few seconds.

simpli Instagram Giveaway Tools share all information with you during getting comments and show you how much comment has been reached and saved on the screen. Then lists all of your valid participants from all your comments, and determines the winners completely randomly.

This means no question mark over minds of your followers also there is no problem with your reliability.

Enjoy a comfortable, completely fair instagram giveaway or random comment picking.

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simpliFree Instagran Giveaway Tool For Promotion

Generate Random Winner Free Up To 1.000 Comments For Instagram Contest, Giveaway, Sweepstakes And Promotion

Filter By Rules Like How Many Tags Including Each Comments. Select Comments Only Following Your Rules.

All Of the Contest Winners Are Different People By Our Smart Algorithms

If You Wish Get Unique Users From All Comments

You Can Share The Results To Your Follower. We Save That For You

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No Need To Share Your Password With Instagram Giveaway App. Just Copy And Paste Your Instagram Post URL to Start Using Instagram Giveaway Picker.

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Completely Transparent

You can easily share your results with your followers. This way, Your Followers Can View Total Participants, Rules and Contest Results to Increase Their Trust in You.

Paste Instagram Post URL

View and Specify The Contest Rules

Get Comments

See the Comments and Click "Start Contest" Button For Picking Random User. Enjoy!

Share The Result Page To Your Followers

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