AI Content Editing, Auto Responses - New Feature on Instagram 💬

1 month ago

Explore the latest in AI content editing and automatic responses on Instagram, plus an exciting new feature! Enhance your social media experience now.

AI Content Editing, Auto Responses - New Feature on Instagram 💬 - simpliers blog

Meta, the social media giant, has announced new artificial intelligence features set to be integrated into Facebook and Instagram. In a recent post, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled two groundbreaking capabilities developed in the foundational model Emu for visual production, and the details were further explained in a blog post by Meta.

Emu Edit: Making Changes with Textual Commands! ✨

Emu Edit, developed by Meta, allows users to make changes to visuals using textual commands. Users can easily remove and replace elements in photos by simply using commands like "turn the dog into a bench." The tool detects and processes the desired changes without the need to select specific image tabs. For instance, if you want to change the text on a hat, Emu Edit accomplishes this without altering the hat's design.

Emu Video: Creating Videos with Textual Commands! 🎥

On the other hand, Emu Video enables users to produce videos using textual commands or reference images. According to Meta, Emu Video can generate videos based on textual commands, reference images, or a combination of both. Although the results may not be entirely realistic, there is a significant improvement compared to the Make-A-Video tool similar to DALL-E, as highlighted by Meta.

Instagram's AI Bot for Automated Responses! 💬

Instagram is working on an artificial intelligence bot capable of automatically responding to messages. This feature aims to enhance user interaction by allowing users to create responses based on specific keywords. The AI analyzes incoming messages and selects the most suitable response, providing a tool that is expected to improve customer relations for organizations on Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram are striving to elevate user experiences with these artificial intelligence features. While Emu Edit and Emu Video offer enhanced flexibility in visual editing, Instagram's AI bot aims to increase interaction by automatically responding to messages. These innovations are anticipated to make social media platforms more appealing, although the specific release dates remain unknown.

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