The Most Effective Ways to Use Instagram Stories

2 years ago

Instagram stories are a tool that lets you communicate directly with your customers. You must use Instagram stories, which have many features, to communicate effectively with your followers.

The Most Effective Ways to Use Instagram Stories - simpliers blog

Introducing Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most used social media in the world. Each post published on Instagram is viewed by tens of thousands of people.

Instagram provides its users with many features; One of these services is the story feature. Stories shared on Instagram are displayed on the shared account for 24 hours. Instagram stories, which stand out with their ease of use, are a very important tool in attracting the attention of consumers. Original and creatively shared Instagram stories are a highly effective way to stay in the minds of consumers.

Instagram stories are suitable for use as a real-time marketing tool as they are viewed on the account for 24 hours. Under normal circumstances, a post that cannot be published because it does not fit the brand identity does not cause the consumer to find that post strange when it is published on the Instagram story.

Today, the number of stories posted on Instagram is greater than the number of posts posted. Thanks to the Instagram story feature, which facilitates the connection between the brand and the customer, the customer can instantly react to the brand and help increase the interaction.

It will be useful to use the Instagram story field to measure the instant reaction of the customer after the marketing campaigns.

How to Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories, which have been in our lives since 2016, are very easy to use. Instagram stories are ‌in small circles at the top of the homepage. To publish a story on behalf of your own brand, it will be enough to follow the roadmap below.

Tap the plus icon next to your profile photo, ‌in the upper left corner of the phone screen.

If you want to post a snapshot or video, click the big circle in the middle of the screen to take the photo or video and save the post.

To share a photo or a video in your phone's gallery, click anywhere on the screen and swipe upwards. Select the post you want to share.

When you're ready to share your post, press the send button at the bottom right of your screen.

What are Instagram Story Sizes & Dimensions?

The Instagram story dimensions are 1080px by 1920px, which is an aspect ratio of 9:16.

How Can You Use Instagram Stories Most Effectively?

Instagram stories are a tool that lets you communicate directly with your customers. You must use Instagram stories, which have many features, to communicate effectively with your consumers.

Follow the agenda, share posts about what is happening now

Many topics are discussed on the Internet every day. You need to know what your consumers are speaking and you need to speak the same language as them. If there is a topic on the agenda that you need to comment on, you should also express your opinions on this subject without harming the brand identity. Today, consumers prefer brands that do not remain silent on social issues.

Emphasize real-time marketing

If there is a funny or interesting event that is frequently talked about on the Internet at that time and your brand identity is open to humor, you may need to fall into this trend. For example, if an incident happened to a character in a popular TV series and your brand offers service on this subject, you can share with a witty language, or if it rains a lot during the day and you are selling rain boots, you can express your service using the agenda.

Take surveys and ask your customers' questions

Today, customers are more in demand for brands that communicate with them. Ask your customer for their opinion if you've launched a new product and marketing campaign. It will be a significant advantage for you if your customers convey their ideas directly to you.

Use friendly and warm language

You should never present a cold brand image to your customers. When communicating with them, you should not go beyond the rules of respect and show them that you are sincere. Leave the coldness of You - We language in Instagram stories, as in all areas of social media.

Remind Your Giveaway Contest

With Instagram stories, you can announce your giveaway posts every other day. Thus, you will remind them of your giveaway and reach more participants. By re-sharing your important posts, such as the instagram giveaway contest announcement, through stories, you can prevent them from being forgotten.

Share the Result of Your Giveaway Contest

Once you've reliably concluded your draw with simpliers, you can share the winners in your story. The transparent sharing of the winners and substitute winner will provide confidence for more participants in your next giveaway contest.

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