Build Your Personal Brand on Social Media

1 year ago

Today, new media (social networking sites) have a much more important place in personal branding than traditional media. Personal branding in social media has gains such as being the person in demand, being a trusted person, being a role model for people,

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What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding on social media requires much more than just marketing yourself well to followers. There are many methods that can be followed in order to define oneself as a brand. This process has many different steps, such as regular posts, the number of likes and comments received by the posts, and organizing giveaways. Today, new media (social networking sites) have a much more important place in personal branding than traditional media. Benefits of personal branding on social media:

  • gaining fame
  • Become the requested person  
  • good income
  • Become a trusted person
  • show respect
  • Being a role model or phenomenon for people


can be listed as.


How to Personal Branding on Social Media?

There are many different methods for personal branding on social media. In addition to the methods, increasing the number of followers is the most important issue in the way of branding. When you come to the step of gaining followers, there are many methods that can be followed here. The comments your content receives are another important consideration that users take into account. Like comments made by users, the number of followers can be increased by organizing giveaways.

Simpliers provides many conveniences to its users when organizing giveaway. These conveniences include non-repetitive winner selection, selection of the main and alternate winners, fun draw animations, and many other features thanks to smart algorithms.

In order for personal branding to be done on social media, it is necessary to create a certain audience. In short, the bigger your audience, the bigger your brand will be.


How Can You Use Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand?

Since the first and most important step of personal branding in social media is to increase the number of followers, there are many methods that can be applied in this regard. However, some of these methods have some difficulties in themselves. For example, certain words or phrases are required to be written in order to be able to draw. In order to do this, certain utilities or services must be used. Many items can be added to the giveaway. In short, one of the methods that can be used in social media for personal branding is a giveaway contest.

To give another example on Youtube:


The working principle of Youtube is based on artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence performs certain checks before bringing your video to suggested videos. These controls also contain sections that cannot be affected, such as the user's interests. In the affected part, the frequency of video sharing, that is, the content sharing order, is very important. Unlike the content sharing scheme, the comments received by the video, the number of followers of the page, the likes and dislikes are also the things this artificial intelligence takes into account.


From Those Who Build Their Personal Brand With Social Media  

Nusret Gökçe, known as Nusret, or Salt Bae; butcher, chef and restaurateur. Thanks to a video he published, he made a big splash in a short time and became an internet phenomenon.


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie. It started with Let's Play style videos featuring action and horror games and reached a large following in mid-2012. Between 2013 and 2019, it was the channel with the most subscribers on Youtube. The channel, which is still run by a single person today, has more than 105 million subscribers as of June 2020.


Two common elements stand out in all successful personal and corporate profiles. The first is the relationship of trust. The other is word of mouth. The most practical way to both build trust and grow virally is to organize giveaway. You too can use these two common recipes for success to grow your accounts by organizing regular giveaway sontest and concluding fairly with reliable giveaway contest tool simpliers .

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