Special Days And Weeks In August - 2023

11 months ago

Special days and weeks are regularly followed by brands. With the start of August, brands start to develop new strategies.

Special Days And Weeks In August - 2023 - simpliers blog

August is an important month for brands. The start of a new month provides the perfect opportunity for brands to make new plans and communicate with their customers. August is also a month rich in special days and weeks, and brands can use these special days in line with their marketing strategies.

In addition, August also marks special days such as National Watermelon Day, World Chocolate Day and World Friendship Day. By associating these special days and weeks with their products or services, brands can offer their customers special discounts, campaigns or giveaways.

August also coincides with the summer vacation season. Therefore, businesses such as the tourism industry and hospitality businesses try to attract their customers' attention by offering special vacation packages, travel deals and giveaways in August.

August offers many opportunities for brands. Brands can plan special giveaways for their customers by using these special days and weeks, and the summer vacation season in accordance with their marketing strategies.

You can see the special days and weeks in August below.

August 3rd

World Watermelon Day

August 5th

International Beer Day

August 6th

World Clean Breath Day

August 8th

Ashura Day

World Bowling Day

August 9th

Melon Day

World Book Lovers Day

August 10th

World Lion Day

August 12nd

World Elephant Day

World Youth Day

August 13rd

World Left-Handed Day

August 16th

World Roller Coaster Day

August 17th

Gölcük Earthquake Remembrance Day

August 19th

World Orangutan Day

World Humanitarian Day

World Photography Day

August 22nd

Be Like an Angel Day

Peach Eating Day

August 26th

Malazgirt Victory

World Dog Day

August 30th

Victory Day

Turkish Armed Forces Day

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