Special Days and Weeks in July - 2023

1 year ago

Special days and weeks are regularly followed by brands. With the start of July, brands start to develop new strategies.

Special Days and Weeks in July - 2023 - simpliers blog

July is an important month for brands. The start of a new month provides the perfect opportunity for brands to make new plans and communicate with their customers. July is also a month rich in special days and weeks, and brands can use these special days in line with their marketing strategies.

In addition, July also marks special days such as World Emoji Day, World Chocolate Day and World Friendship Day.

By associating these special days and weeks with their products or services, brands can offer their customers special discounts, campaigns or giveaways.

July also coincides with the middle of the summer vacation season. Therefore, businesses such as the tourism industry and hospitality businesses try to attract their customers' attention by offering special vacation packages, travel deals and giveaways in July.

July offers many opportunities for brands. Brands can plan special giveaways for their customers by using these special days and weeks, and the summer vacation season in accordance with their marketing strategies.

You can see the special days and weeks in July below.

July 1st

International Joke Day

July 2nd

World UFO Day

World Sports Journalists Day

July 3rd

International Plastic Bag Free Day

July 6th

World Zoonoses Day

July 7th

World Chocolate Day

July 10th

Nikola Tesla Day

July 11th

World Population Day

July 12th

Malala Day

Paper Bag Day

July 15th

World Youth Skills Day

Social Media Giving Day

July 17th

World Emoji Day

July 18th

Nelson Mandela International Day

July 20th

World Chess Day

International Moon Day

July 23rd

National Broadcasting Day

July 24th

Income Tax Day

July 28th

World Hepatitis Day

World Nature Conservation Day

July 29th

International Tiger Day

July 30th

International Friendship Day

World Cheesecake Day

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