Special Days and Weeks in November

7 months ago

Special days and weeks are regularly followed by brands. With the start of November, brands start to develop new strategies.

Special Days and Weeks in November - simpliers blog

November coincides with a period that heralds the beginning of the winter season as we approach the end of autumn. There are various special days and weeks in this month, both locally and internationally. For example, special days such as World Clean Toilet Day, World Diabetes Day and Black Friday take place in November.

Brands can use these special days in accordance with their marketing strategies and offer special discounts, campaigns or giveaways to their customers.

Especially Black Friday is an opportunity that can turn into a big shopping spree. Therefore, you can attract customers' attention with giveaways.

In November, the weather starts to cool down and is seen as a period of preparation for winter. Clothing brands can attract customers by emphasising clothes suitable for cold weather conditions.

In addition, restaurants or café chains that offer hot drinks and winter special menus may also consider attracting customers with giveaways during this period.

You can see the special days and weeks in November below.

November 1st

World Vegan Day

All Saints’ Day

November 2nd

Cookie Monster Day

November 3rd

World Sandwich Day

November 4th


November 8th

World Radiography Day

November 10th

World Quality Day

November 11th

National Education Day

11.11 Shopping Day

World Singles’ Day

November 13th

World Kindness Day

November 14th

World Cinema Day

November 15th

Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

November 16th

National Fast Food Day

November 17th

National Epilepsy Day

International Students’ Day

November 18th

Mickey Mouse Day

November 19th

World Toilet Day

International Men’s Day

November 20th

Universal Children’s Day

November 21st

World Television Day

Say Hello Day

November 25th

Black Friday

November 26th

National Cake Day

November 28th

Cyber Monday

November 30th

St. Andrews Day

Computer Security Day

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