The Most Common Mistakes in Social Media

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Many brands make social media mistakes while having a presence in social media. Social media mistakes can negatively affect the relationship you have with your consumer, as well as cause the customer to disconnect from your brand. Due to social media mist

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What are the Most Common Social Media Mistakes?

The usage rate of social media in the world has exceeded 60%. It is important for every brand to be present in social media used by everyone, from young to old. Every brand must have social media accounts in order to be in front of the consumer‌.


Many brands make social media mistakes while having a presence in social media. Social media mistakes can negatively affect the relationship you have with your consumer, as well as cause the customer to disconnect from your brand. Due to social media mistakes, many brands have even come to the brink of failure. Social media mistakes ‌damage brands' image and identity. Brands that want to protect their brand and image should avoid making social media mistakes and should intervene immediately when social media errors occur. We can briefly list the most frequently repeated social media mistakes as follows.


Presence in one place

Not having an account in all channels where the target audience is present is at the top of the list of social media errors. Brands should appear in front of their customers in every medium.


Not listening to customers

Ignoring negative comments and not giving the right answers to customer reactions is the item that causes the customer loss among social media mistakes. If you're not listening to your customers, another brand will.


Making boring and uncreative posts

Sharing too often and repetitively is one of the prominent items of social media mistakes.


Not analysis your competitors

Carefully analyzing the brands you address to the same target audience will help you determine the right strategy. Social media mistakes made by your competitors will also be instructive to you.


Not regularly holding giveaways

Making Instagram giveaway is the most effective method that contributes to the organic growth of accounts. It is very important to regularly organize the giveaway so that the followers gained do not re-follow and remain active in the account.



Social media language errors cause customers to perceive that the brand is sloppy. Social media typos top the list of social media mistakes that cause customers to turn away from brands.


Use of too friendly or very formal language

You need to carefully set the tone you will use when addressing your customers. While the brand's use of a very formal language causes the customer to alienate from the brand; Using very friendly language causes customers to ignore the brand.


Posting interval not set properly

Posting infrequently is among the social media mistakes that reduce customers' attention to the brand; on the other hand, sharing too often reduces the consumer's interaction with the brand.


Sharing for promotion only

One of the most repeated social media mistakes is that the brand is only posting to promote its products or services. Today, customers are moving away from brands that remain silent on social issues. Brands that do not have social awareness and do not show this are not preferred by the consumer.


Sharing similar posts with competitors

Sharing exactly the same posts with competitors is the issue that the customer reacts the most among social media mistakes. Consumers want the brand they follow to have a different spirit. Brands that speak to the customer in the same tone as their competitors and make similar posts have no value in the eyes of the consumer.


Not sharing on special days

Brands are living entities with identity, image, and personality. One of the social media mistakes is that a brand does not share on days that are important and special for society.


Not having a strategy

Creating content with no strategy is the riskiest of social media mistakes. Brands must act within the framework of a strategy when addressing their customers.


What are the Social Media Mistakes Big Companies Make?

Although social media is the most practical way to reach consumers, it is the area most prone to mistakes. Social media, which provides instant reaction measurement, has become an area where we witness big mistakes are made from time to time. Social media mistakes of companies not only lead to loss of customers, but also often lead to a reaction. Social media mistakes made by big companies also bring big losses.


Having a biased attitude towards social issues

A brand has customers from all walks of life, regardless of political opinion. In the social crises that occur in the country, if unsteady and biased posts are made, the brand will garner reactions from its customers who do not agree with it.


Using too many hashtags while posting

One of the most common social media mistakes brands makes is the excessive use of hashtags while sharing. If irrelevant and too many hashtags are used in order to increase the interaction of the published post, media, such as Instagram and Facebook, apply a filter to the shares of the brand. The posts of the brand that have filtering problems are not shown in the discovery sections.


Staying quiet in times of crisis

Brands may experience crises over time due to different reasons. The first channel that the consumer applies to show his reaction today is social media. Social media mistakes can also cause crises from time to time. For whatever reason, if a brand is experiencing a crisis, it should either apologize or explain the situation, or even both at the same time, if possible. Being silent about crises is one of the most common social media mistakes.


Being Aware of Human Nature and Basic Values

Even if trends and currents change, the foundations of human nature and psychological values ​​do not change easily. Consistency in the tone of communication and positioning based on trust are unchangeable rules for every period. That's why when you organize giveaway contests to grow your business, working with fair and reliable giveaways simpliers helps you protect your brand reputation.

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