What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

1 year ago

In the digital world, where the use of social media is increasing, many platforms are growing with each passing second. The biggest example of this development, Facebook has taken. over the internet traffic with its 1/5 share. Brands that are aware of the

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)? - simpliers blog

What is Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing, which has gained a lot of value for today's brands, provides a large investment area. This platform, which has a significant share in the marketing sector, promotes products through social media networks. In this way, both the awareness of the brand is increased and the need for advertising is met. In this sense, marketing strategies carried out through social media are gathered under the name of social media marketing.

With digitalization, social media marketing, which is among the most effective methods of the future; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. contains networks. This marketing technique, which provides a serious advertising promotion for the campaigns you want to announce, brings high sales and profit. It will also get you the attention it deserves.


What Does Social Media Marketing Cover?

Social media marketing, which is indispensable for the internet world, brings many innovations in the interactive field. In this context, it offers a strategy to the digital world by bringing together topics such as brand, content, product, advertisement, promotion, campaign, social media channels, and brand awareness. 

Thanks to the smartphones, tablets, and computers included in this platform, where customer relations come to the fore, marketing communication is provided and followed instantly. Measurements in traditional marketing are carried out on a certain number of subjects. However, the measurements made for social media marketing give one-to-one results.


How is Social Media Marketing Done?

In the digital world, where the use of social media is increasing, many platforms are growing with each passing second. The biggest example of this development, Facebook has taken. over the internet traffic with its 1/5 share. Brands that are aware of the situation‌ highlight their activities on social media and easily reach the masses. 

However, the way to reach the goal here lies in creating the right strategy. In this sense, it is necessary to pay attention to the following steps while receiving support in ‌social media marketing.


Potential Audience Identification

Being aware of who and what patterns you are addressing is the first important step towards proper social media marketing. You will need to make a good analysis and make the right choice among social media platforms. You should discover the most efficient channels for you and thus meet your potential customers. For the platform that has been decided, how much time your customers spend here and how they interact should also be considered. 

The better the potential audience is analyzed, the more effective the strategy will be. For this, you can research major social media areas such as Facebook and Instagram‌.


Have Goals

An important question is what the goal you set for your social media marketing strategy is. Is your goal brand awareness or purely sales driven? For some, simply increasing followers can also become a goal. What matters is what you want to achieve. If you know what you want, the path you draw will be healthier. It should also be noted that the goals created should be in a strategy that is compatible with your brand. These targets are as follows.


  • Increase your follower base
  • to advertise products
  • Build brand awareness
  • Increasing search traffic
  • increase sales


Identifying Key Success Metrics

If you've decided on your social media marketing goals, the next step is to identify key success metrics. Here are 5 metrics that show how effective your social media marketing strategy is.


  • Provided access and interaction
  • rate of return
  • Traffic jam
  • Sensitivity
  • Growth


You need to use different metrics for each social media plan. It would be best to focus on the ones related to your goals, not ‌this metrics.


Analyze Your Place on Social Media

Once you have the required goals and planning, it's important to check your current location to see how you're going. Otherwise, you may not ‌achieve realistic results in the social media marketing process and all your efforts may be wasted. To do this, you will need to answer the following questions.


  • Which social media platforms are you active on?
  • How many followers do you have?
  • Which platform has the most potential to earn you the most?
  • How do you compare to your competitors?


Find the Right Social Media Management Tool for You

Finding the most efficient option among social media management tools will save you time and convenience in reaching your goals. What you need to pay attention to here is how to choose the most suitable one for you in ‌social media marketing. To answer this question, you can first ask yourself the following questions:


  • Which social media networks are you targeting?
  • Do you want to organize paid campaigns?
  • What is the goal you want to achieve on social media?


If you find it difficult to find the right answer to your questions, you can get corporate support and determine healthy strategies.


Create Content That's Right for You

The content you create will have a serious impact on your strategies. In this sense, the content that your audience will interact with should have certain topics. These may be as follows.


  • Contests and coupons
  • Entertaining and informative content
  • Useful information for promotions and awareness


You can try Simpliers giveaway tool for the results of the competitions you organize. You can take advantage of the 3-time free usage opportunity for posts with up to 500 comments.

Besides all these, one point you should pay attention to is that your content should definitely target the audience you are targeting. This criterion, which is indispensable for high-level engagement, is important for your awareness in ‌social media marketing. 


What Are the Benefits of Social Marketing?

It is not possible to reach the target audience completely with standard marketing tactics. Thanks to social media marketing, both costs decrease and more people are reached. In this planning, which is carried out with a smaller budget, bilateral interaction is also provided. 

In this way, the customer can make a complaint about social media in case of any negative experience. The solution process is sped up for the customer, who establishes easy communication with the brand, and an efficient process is provided for both parties.


What Should You Consider While Doing Social Media Marketing?

In the digital world, performing data analysis and making various improvements accordingly play a critical role. We want you to know that your plans for successful social media marketing should never be left untouched. In a successful strategy, you need to be open to developments. It would be best to set your goals well and take your place in social networks under these goals. 

Although there are many social networks in today's world, a new one is added every day. For this reason, you should know your target audience well and plan social media marketing in which network your potential customers will be active. In social media channels where customer relations come to the fore, you should also be very active and evaluate the interactions of customers well. Strong communication with the customer will bring successful results. 


Creating the right content for your audience after taking the ‌steps is a metric that determines interest in your brand. You should produce and publish lots of interesting content, which is one of the issues that active followers pay the most attention to. In this sense, you will ‌attract the traffic required for your website and increase your success rate. The important thing here is which target you lock on. For this reason, it would be best to always analyze your strategy deeply and if you find any mistakes, ‌go for improvement. 

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